Tips for Washing Your Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are great things. Apart from the fact that millions of people around the world practice yoga in them, they look great too. However, much of that greatness starts to fizzle out if yoga pants are dirty and faded. Yoga pants maybe quite pricey and once it starts to fade, you will probably want to get a new pair.  To sustain the quality and beauty of your yoga pants, it’s important not to only wash them but also wash them well.

Here are four tips that can help you keep your yoga pants in constant great shape.

#1: Wash Them Alone

The way yoga pants are built, they are not meant to be washed alongside just any other type of clothes except perhaps other synthetic yoga pants, and maybe other synthetic based clothes. You should not wash your yoga pants with other clothes such as cotton t-shirts, jeans, towels and so on. One reason why you should not do this is that cotton fibers will produce lint and the synthetic fibers will attract the lint. This will make the lint to cause tiny balls all across the surface of the yoga pants. It is best to turn the pants inside out even when washing with similar synthetic based materials as little balls on the inner part of the trousers are not as unattractive as otherwise having them on the right side of the pants.

#2: Use Little Detergent

Too much detergent can prove to be harmful to your detergent as suds may leave your pants sticky, stiff and may begin to trap odor and even bacteria. Residue detergent may begin to irritate leading to itching, scratching and so on. It is important that you choose a top quality detergent that can wash out sweat, odor, and oil.

#3: Turn Down the Heat

Because yoga pants are synthetic based materials, they do better when they are washed in cold water. It is also best if you can avoid using the dryer all together. Do not let the pants get directly exposed to direct heat or even direct sunlight. Heat is simply not good for your yoga pants.

#4: Wash Gently

Whenever you are washing Yoga pants, remember that you should wash them as gently as possible. You can wash your pants in a washer but remember to wash them inside out. But since you are washing the pants gently, make sure to select a lower spin setting and gentler cycle. Exposing your synthetic to too much spinning will cause abrasion, and the stretching may spoil your pants.  However, in all, there is nothing that beats getting your pants from trusted brands like Climawear when it comes to choosing the best quality yoga pant.

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