The Most Cost-Efficient and Durable T-Shirts Printing Method

One can never really get over the craze and love for printed t-shirts. They are extremely comfortable to wear with gorgeously designs since texts of one’s choice. It was not so a few years ago, but at present; one can easily go for ordering his/her personal or special text or graphic to be printed on the t-shirt. Click to know more.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Among many technologies used for bulk t-shirt printing, heat transfer vinyl remains one of the prominent methods. For years, a maximum number of t-shirts was printed using this method under which the printing was done by some great press over the fabric of the t-shirt using a transfer sheet with the use of vinyl applique.

  • Firstly, the designs are cut into a number of colors accordingly based on the need.
  • After that, all the designs are arranged over the flat t-shirt where the print needs to be created. It is placed tacked in a platen to avoid them from getting disturbed.
  • When the heat press gets in contact with the vinyl over the t-shirt, due to the great, the vinyl coated with adhesive fuses on the fabric of the t-shirt.
  • The vinyl design can be felt raised above the fabric and doesn’t merge in it unlike some other techniques of t-shirt printing.

Properties of Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

  • Though vinyl transfer gain cracks over a period of time due to extensive washing; they are generally durable if printed properly.
  • The reason why this method of printing is so popular is that they are budget friendly. Moreover, they can be used to produce a large mass of printed t-shirts on the economic scale.

With so many positive aspects including the vital one like long-lasting, easy to maintain and most importantly not at all extensive, this method of t-shirt printing remained the most widely used and trusted one to date.

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