Should Men Carry a Pepper Spray Bottle?

When you hear the word “Pepper Spray”, what is the gender that first comes to your mind? Of course – female! We don’t blame you; most of the people believe that pepper spray bottles are created for the female gender. However, it is not so. Is it like men are not stalked? Don’t thieves follow or harass you on the roads? If you are a man and you want to protect yourself, you have all the rights to buy and keep a pepper spray bottle in your pockets.

Wondering why you should carry a pepper spray bottle, even though you are physically strong enough to protect yourself?

  • Men need protection too:Is it like you don’t need to feel protected? As a man also you should feel like you are safe and sound. Carrying a pepper spray bottle can make you feel good. You know that you are carrying something that’s going to keep you safe.
  • You may be getting stalked as well: It is not that men don’t get stalked! You must do something for your safety.
  • You can’t fight with more than one person, unless you are trained in self-defense: Even if you are a gym goer, you can’t fight with more than one person.
  • You come late at night and it is risky:Do you reach home really late? The moment you keep a pepper spray in your pocket is the moment you know nothing wrong can happen with you.
  • You roam around the streets at odd timings:If you come home late or you are always roaming around at wrong timings, you might want to have something that has the power to keep you safe.

Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel protected. At times, a lot of people may attack you and, even though it may sound silly to you, a pepper spray may help. Brands like Pepperface are trying hard to make lightweight sleek pepper spray bottles for all those who wish to keep them in their pockets.

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