Salse Villatel: An Artistic Villa-Hotel in Bandung City

At Salse Villatel, it began out of perhaps not intentionally seeing the pictures of the restaurant and hotel, so it was really intriguing to feel the beautiful bobble there. The shape of the hotel building is artistic, with the usage of glass in a wall, which gives the impression of luxury.

Encompassed by trees and fresh air, this is VillaTel Salt may be the most romantic hotel in Bandung, with forest views, and hotels in Lembang, Bandung. From the testimonials that Bocan reads on Tripadvisor, all the pretty bobo guests in Salse VillaTel are all satisfied. Satisfied with the support, comfort, and air, which is quite thick back to nature. In one corner of the room, there are those who are close to the river so that they feel more in the forest like this. But still comfy with soft beds and cable television as amusement. There are 3, deluxe, executive, and Premium forms of rooms in this Salse VillaTel.

For Deluxe room costs on weekends, around IDR 650,000, Executive IDR 850,000, and Premium IDR 1,125,000, and complement free. Well, if you compare the Premium kind, this Premium Room features a bathtub, although the other two bedrooms only use the shower, it is quiet, both have warm water in most rooms. Other amenities are health care services and water jacuzzi. This Salse Villa is really appropriate for being a place to escape Boboers who’s tired of the bustle and hustle of the city. The location of Salse VillaTel is on Jl. Dago Giri, Warung Caringin.

In addition to being renowned for its hotel, this Salse VillaTel is famous for his Warung Salse. As the shape of the hotel building that’s artfully the decoration in Warung Salse is also quite beautiful and comfy. Beautiful decor and cheap food costs, making Warung Salse a cafe that must be tried in case you walk around Dago. This Salse Villa and Warung is the following target for Bocan’s review, wait around for the complete inspection at, because next week Bocan is going to Bandung, and Do not be sad Bocan has already booked a room in Salse VillaTel and will undoubtedly make a review and a video for you.


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