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Miami is basically the epicenter of the fashion and culture in Latin America. The weather is hot there which gets worse with humidity.  This is one of the prime reasons why you need to put on breathable fabric. In spite of so many admirable shopping malls spread across the city, it can be difficult to come across a good tailor in Miami. But a company like PepiBertini proves to be a sign of rescue, especially with their online presence.

About PepiBertini

PepiBertini was established in the year 1985 in the prime location in South Florida. It caters to the need of the Miami men’s tailoring services and has till date crafted over thousand suits for its customer and given them some customized fashion solution. Their website gallery serves as a good source of ideas and inspiration for the new customers. This men’s fashion boutique offers you garments made of unique fabric that fit perfectly, timely service at affordable price. They are also known to provide you with perfectly matching accessories that compliment your attire. You need to take appointments to avail their services through the company’s website directly.

The different services

PepiBertini with their 30 years of experience promises you some of the best offerings in terms of men’s clothing. The different services it offers are:

  • Bespoke clothing- Bespoke clothing ensures a perfect fit and ultimately lends you a great look and comfortable feel for every occasion. Thus, bespoke clothing is not only just an investment on appearance; but also, an investment on long-lasting comfort that boosts your confidence and gives you the extra edge required to take you to the next level.
  • Wardrobe styling–Here, you will be provided with a personal stylist who will identify the shape of your body and teach you the key rules of dressing up. He or she will also work on your wardrobe and guide you what to retain that will help you give a new sparkling look and what to discard from your existing collection.
  • Wedding groom expert – Your wedding day is practically supposed to be the most special and memorable day in your life. Being a professional tailoring service, they ensure that right from the fabric to the design everything matches your wedding day spirit. As a professional, they would also help you out with the right accessories and ensure that they are well-coordinated with your overall look.

Their range of outfit

PepiBertini’s Miami men’s tailoring services include the following outfits:

  • Business – The business suit can be jacket styled either single or double-breasted, collar style, pocket style, buttoned and the pants could be either pleated or plain
  • Casual – A casual attire could include a relaxed shirt, a stylish jacket, a pair of semi-formal pants made of a collection of fabric and matching accessories
  • Formal –You could design a formal suit in collaboration with the stylists to get the desired good
  • Shirts –Out of the many elements to be considered while designing shirts few of them are the collar style, a hidden button-down or button-down style and the cuff styles. Each of these gives a different tone to your personality

The other two options that they deal with your wedding suit and accessories to complete your look.

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