Perfect Options for Corporate Gifts Now

In the business world, gifts are common, widespread and systematic practice. The reasons are multiple and diverse. Now, you have to be careful with what is given, to whom and at what time. A misinterpretation can give rise to negative consequences, quite the opposite of what was intended to achieve with this act of giving.

Points to consider before giving

When choosing a business gift, you have to keep in mind several important points:

To whom is the gift addressed

To one person, to a collective, to several people from different departments

On behalf of whom

It is given as a personal gift, in the name or on behalf of a company.


It is provided for a given party (Christmas, New Year, etc.), it is provided as a result of a success or achievement (signing a contract, an agreement, a merger, a sale, etc.), as a link ( there are no commercial relationships, but he hopes to have them in the near future).


With how much money or budget is counted for the gifts.Once you have this series of clear points, then it is time to choose a gift. Depending on the position of the person to whom it is given, a list is made with a series of possible gifts. The same is not given to an executive of the company as a secretary or an employee of a particular department. Nor is it usual to provide the same to a national client as to a foreign client when there are notable cultural differences. What to give in the world of business and business.  The corporate and premium gifts supplier malaysia gives the best support in this case.

Who to give and when

Beware of the value of gifts

Remember that business gifts should not be personal or of exorbitant cost – it can be interpreted as a “bribe”. The best are practical gifts (a clock for the office, a briefcase or briefcase, a pen, pen or set of them, etc.). Or the useful and consumer gifts, increasingly used, such as a bottle of wine, a basket of food products, a bottle of brandy, cava, etc. You have to distinguish between having detail with your customers or people who meditate in a relationship (secretaries, salespeople, administrative, etc.) and make a gift in conditions.

A detail may consist of sending tickets for a show. Or, a small gift with the logo of the company – a pen, a notebook, a calendar, a keychain, etc. A business gift is something more. You should never have engraved any logo or trademark of the company. For example, do not give a pen or pen to a company that makes or sells these items.

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