Máni God Of The Moon, Brother Of The Sun Goddess

There was a man named Mundilfoeri who had two children, so beautiful and so splendid that he gave his son the name of Máni and his daughter the daughter of Sól… But the gods were angry with this presumption, so they seized the children: they placed them above in the sky….

Brief History of sun and moon according to Nordic myths

The paternity of Mundilfoeri is also mentioned by the Giant Vafþrúðnir when Odin asked him. He specified that Máni and Sól are forced every day to cross the sky to count the years of the men, and pursued by the wolf Hati son of Fenrir and the black wolf Mánagarmr, who “will devour Máni, and so will sprinkle the sky with blood. Sól led horses Arvak (Soon lifted) and Alsvid (very fast), that pulls the cart of the sun, pursued by wolves Sköll, which will eventually catch her.

Two children named Bil and Hjúki accompanies Máni in his crossing. He had taken them off the ground as they returned from a source called Byrgir, while they carried a Soeg. The kidnapping of these two children who carried the water element would correspond to the lunar phases and tides. 

In the Poetic Edda, while Thor questions the dwarf Alvis on the names given to the moon, this one answers that it is named “Máni” by the men, “Flame” by the Gods, “the Wheel in Helheim” , “the Pressed” by the giants, “the Brilliant” by the dwarves or the ” Counters of years ” by the elves.

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In Icelandic, Máni (pl Mána) is the noun meaning the moon. The moon is masculine, the sun is feminine. This distinction is found in all Germanic languages. 

The lunar cult is very old, so Stonehenge is a site dedicated to the lunar cult and not solar as many earlier believed. (At a particular time of the year, especially during the winter solstice, the light makes the site even more supernatural, and is directed towards the sacrificial stone). 

During the fortification of Asgard, Máni, as well as Sol and Freya, is part of the reward demanded by the giant master builder who built the indestructible enclosure of the Gods. 

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