Know the most interesting facts about Masquerade masks

History of the Masquerade masks

As early as in 1268, Venice used to celebrate the carnivals, weddings, and election of Doge Vitale Michieli by wearing Masquerade masks. The masks were attractive and so much in the trend that Europe soon adapted the Venetian tradition and since then, the masks ruled across the globe gradually. 

Initially, the Venetians had the custom to wear masks as a key to mingle with the upper-class citizens. However, there was also a lot of misuse of masks when people started wearing them for performing immoral deeds. Apart from that, masquerade masks, especially Half Face Venetian Masks, were also used in theatres to depict emotions like love and jealousy. 

Venetians used to mimic the characters of their choice by masking their faces with the same. But soon when Austrians ruled over the city in the late 1700s, the masks were stopped. Later, a group of artists brought back the colorful culture and now they are all around, filled with so much creativity.

Uses of masquerade masks

Well, these days Masquerade masks are so commonly used during weddings where a bride chooses wearing a mask instead of the veil; teenagers wear it to their proms or parties as a part of their costumes; Chinese New Year celebrations; US parade wearing the masks, and so much more. They are also seen to be worn by artists who wish to depict performances of emotions, with different colors and emotions. Others just use it to decorate their homes!

Talking about facts, there are various types of Masquerade masks too. They are as follows:

  • Full face masks- The masks come with two holes for the eyes, and a hole for the mouth. The masks give a mysterious appeal to the wearer. 
  • Half face masks- Half face Venetian masks cover half the face from the temples to half the nose. The designs are actually practical as the wearer can eat, drink, speak, etc.
  • Masquerade masks on a stick- The wear has got to hold the mask all the time. However, they are being used in theatre artists widely. 

By now I am sure you would be really fantasized about these masks that can elevate your personality to the next level. 

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Italian World in Llandudno 

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Concluding, Masquerade masks really give people interesting as well as mysterious appeal. Especially Half Face Venetian Masks give you entirely different perspective to your personality. They are so much popular world over now. And wearing masks of the right quality is so much essential too. 


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