Important Questions You Need to Ask a Jeweler before Buying a Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry comes in several different qualities, designs, and prices. A proper knowledge about pearl characteristics, quality and appearance will help you get the ideal one. If you are in the market to find a pearl jewelry, then following questions would prove to be immensely beneficial.

Are the pearls cultured, natural or imitation?

This is the first and the most important question that you need to ask. Most of the pearl jewelry sets that you find in a jewelry store would not be the real one. From simple pearl rings to the pieces decorated with beautiful handicrafts and tiniest detailing that shows the masterwork of the artisans.

Artificial pearls are manufactured with coated glass beads and fun accessories. They lack the same luxurious and organic feel of cultured and natural pearls. Pearls that you get online or in shops, it’ll be either imitation or cultured pearls. So, look into this aspect before you invest your money in it.

Are these pearls dyed?

Many times, jewelry manufacturers dye the pearl. This changes their original color and helps in hiding the inferior quality of the luster of pearl. It is important to check with your retailer whether the pearls have been dyed or put under some treatment. If they are dyed, then their color will fade or change with time.

What is the “quality grading” of the pearls?

Different jewelry manufacturers use different ways to grade their pearl jewelry to determine its purity and authenticity. It is important that you ask the retailer how do they grade and pearl. Also, evaluate their expertise and knowledge level prior to buying pearls.

Do I get discount on buying jewelry?

The prices of jewelry have become exorbitant. It is beyond the reach of a common man. In order to entice customers, many jewelry stores come up with attractive discounts program.  You need to check about this discount and other attractive price reduction schemes to make a profitable investment.


Purchasing a pearl jewelry is an important decision. All the above-mentioned questions would definitely prove to be useful when making the right jewelry selection.

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