How to Take Proper Care of Your Flute

The flute is one of the sweetest sounding instruments. Most people buy a high-quality flute when they plan to learn how to play the instrument. While that is one wise choice for people to make, remember, no matter what kind of flute you buy, you have to take proper care of it to make sure it lasts longer. Proper care and maintenance of your flute would save you from having to buy another one too soon. With that being said, here’s how you can take care of your flute.

Assembling the flute, the right way

The very first thing you should pay attention to each time you assemble your flute or disassemble it is to do it the right way. The entire mechanism of the flute is connected in a very delicate way. Following the right steps to assemble would help ensure no part of the flute is damaged. Follow the instructions carefully each time you assemble your flute. When you reach for your flute, make sure you don’t grab it by the mechanism or keys. Also, don’t shove or force pieces of the flute into each other; twisting the piece to fit them would do.


Since you have to blow air into your flute, many times, the moisture gets trapped in the flute. This is when you need to get rid of the moisture so that the moisture doesn’t go on building up. When you buy a flute, it comes with a cloth for cleaning and a needle. What you have to do is- insert the cloth into the eye of the needle and cover the needle up with the cloth. Now insert the needle into the flute and twist it round to get rid of the moisture.

While cleaning the head joint, don’t insert the needle too deep, or else you would end up damaging the cork in the head joint. Be extra careful while cleaning the mechanism. Make sure you use the appropriate cloth material to clean your flute, preferably a silk cloth.

Getting rid of sticky keys

Since moisture finds its way into the flute too easily, sometimes, the keys become sticky from humidity. If that happens, blowing with some force on the sticking pad of your flute would help getting rid of the stickiness. Try to blow bursts of air, and the keys would get back to normal.

Wash your mouth before playing the flute

Since you have to blow air through the flute to play it, it’s important your mouth is clean. There are chances that the food particles from your mouth get trapped in the flute while you are playing it. This is why you should make sure you wash and rinse your mouth properly before you play your flute.

You would find a variety of flutes for sale even on the internet if you are planning to buy one. While investing in a flute is one thing, caring for it is an imperative task. However, cleaning your flute, after all, is not that tough of a task. Just make sure, when you clean your flute, you handle the flute delicately. Any damage is capable of costing you a lot of money for getting it repaired.

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