How To Combine Ties with your clothing

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Knowing how to properly combine ties is essential for the most sophisticated male looks. Among the most noteworthy men’s accessories, ties play a leading role and it is important to know how to mix custom ties with the latest styles. In fact, it is easy to make a difference with the simple fact of getting a successful complement.

How To Combine Ties: Different Styles

It does not matter if you need a look to go to work, to a job interview, for a wedding or an important event. The basic rules when combining your tie will always be the same. Following the chromatic standards is the most important.

Smooth Ties

If you do not know how to combine ties or you have serious doubts when placing this accessory in your style, do not hesitate and bet on a plain tie. If you resort to this option you can use printed or plain suits, and you can also risk a lot with your shirt.

A plain tie should only bet on a correct combination of colors. For example, never put a white tie with a shirt of the same color. With a white shirt the ties can be of infinite colors, but if you prefer raised and powerful tones you will be fully successful.

It is important, too, that you wear a tie that you feel comfortable with and that is ideal for you. For example, if you have clear eyes, the ties in blue colors will be great.

Patterned Ties

If you do not know how to combine patterned ties or you have doubts about them, avoid them. A patterned tie will go great with sober suits and plain shirts. However, if you wear a striped shirt you can also use a tie with light and discreet prints.

Harmony in masculine styling is the key. So one thing you can do to check that your tie is perfectly integrated into the chosen outfit is to choose the suit or jacket first, then the shirt and finally the tie. Before putting on your clothes pay attention to how the combination you have selected is.

If in your daily life you do not have to use ties habitually, it is not necessary that you have in your closet infinity of ties. Having a plain tie in neutral colors and another with geometric patterns will be more than enough. In addition, these are the easiest options to know how to combine ties and not make mistakes of any kind.

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