How to Choose Bridal Jewelry Sets?

Wedding preparation basically starts soon after your engagement, and from then on, you and your partner will be running agog, preparing the nitty-gritties of your wedding. Soon, you will be choosing your bridal jewelry sets and you definitely want your choices to be perfect! Here are some useful tips that can come in handy when choosing your bridal jewelry set:

  1. The Colors of Your Dress and Jewelries Should Match. If you can’t decide between gold or silver jewelries, then, instead of fretting, you just simply let the color of your wedding gown decide for yourself. Hence, if you would opt for white, you need either silver or platinum jewelry set, because silver or platinum color can perfectly complement a white wedding gown. But if you opt for Champagne or light beige gown, you definitely need a gold set of jewelry, for gold can readily enhance the tones of lightly-colored fabrics. You can also opt for burnished silver with rhinestones for beige-colored wedding dress. If you choose blush or soft pink wedding dress, then you should go rose gold pinkish hue jewelry set; while if you choose ivory wedding gown, you should supplement it with gold jewelry set to match the creamy shade of your ivory-colored wedding gown.
  2. Take Your Wedding Gown’s Neckline into Consideration. Without any professional advice or tutelage from the handmade silver jewelry expert, the design of your wedding gown should dictate which complementary jewelry you should wear. If you are wearing a gown with a halter or a reverse halter, focus on decorating your hair with jewelry comb, pins, and vines of your chosen design. Moreover, wearing a birdcage veil with embellishments can greatly enhance your look. If you choose a gown with strapless or “sweetheart” neckline, you should complement it with a choker to captivate your audience. Otherwise, you should simply wear a pair of chandelier earrings to accentuate your neckline area and face. If you opt for V-necked gown, you can complement your gown with a set of dangling necklace and earrings to accentuate your gown. It is definitely alright if the designs of the jewelry don’t each other, as long as their metal and gems do. You can also wear a choker or pendant for this type of gown. If you choose an asymmetric, one-shoulder gown design, go for awesome earrings, and accessorize your hair to complement the gown. Never use a necklace or a choker to accentuate this type of dress for it would surely not match your gown and would only create an unbalanced look.
  3. Don’t over-accessorize. Take caution when accessorizing; otherwise, your accessories may outshine and steal the limelight from you. Be natural! You surely don’t want to be bedecked with too many ornamental jewelry, for you are the star of the event, not your jewelry. It is always better to subscribe to the old saying: “Less is more.”
  4. Accessorize, but also economize. You don’t need to drain your savings in order to purchase your bridal jewelry sets. Jewelry nowadays are quite expensive, and you will be needing a “bottomless” wallet to buy the best jewelry. One good idea would be to go to the jewelry rental shop and rent some pricey wedding jewelry. You can also borrow jewelry from the troves of your closest family member and friend.
  5. Don’t wear your watch on your wedding day. You don’t need to worry about time and schedule during your wedding celebration. Let other people do the worrying for you. Instead, you should be wearing a lovely bracelet to accentuate your look.

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