Do You Really Need SPF For Your Hair?

You probably feel well protected if you’ve been lubing up your skin in sunscreen. Well, slow down one-second because there’s one area on your body that you probably forgot – UV hair protection!  Yes, you read that right, sun protection for your hair is really a thing. It might sound a bit strange, but hair sunscreen is necessary for healthy hair. There are no instant signs of sun hair damage either, rather after a few weeks, your hair will become thin, unresponsive and dry. So there’s no time like the present to start upping your sun protection game.

Why do I need to protect my hair from the sun?

Just like your skin needs protection so does your hair. The UV rays from the sun are intense and very damaging to your hair as they break down the protein bonds that support the structure of the hair. The sun’s UV rays burn both the inside and outer layers of the hair follicle, which leads to brittle ends. So just like your skin, your hair can quickly get sunburnt too.

What can I do to protect my hair from the sun?

You don’t need to put on tons of sticky sunscreen on your beautiful hair, instead just add more hydrating products into your hair care routine, Jadore Hair Supplies Online Store is the best place to find affordable, high-quality hydrating products. Along with products you should also be wearing hats when you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time. You can also lessen your chances of damaging your hair by styling your hair in a loose; braid pulled back without any visible parting.

Will the sun change the condition of my hair?

Did you think that all of your dry split ends were from your hairbrush? Think again! There’s a good chance that your hair has just been overexposed to the sun. The UV rays from the sun react with the texture of your hair, leaving you with a dryer and duller appearance. The UV rays are actually causing damage to your hair from the cuticle to the inner structure of your hair, leaving your strands vulnerable and brittle to split ends.

The sun’s UV rays affect hair colour. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays damage the outer layer of your hair cuticle. Once your hair has been damaged from the sun, the damaged hair cuticles can no longer hold on to the colour because of the lack of moisture, general distress and oxidation process. Therefore, all the hard work, you and your hairdresser, put into that beautiful colour may very well start to fade away at a much faster speed.

Colour-treated hair is especially vulnerable to sun damage. The sun rays don’t care what hair type or colour the hair is either, although hair that is chemically treated is more fragile and therefore it is more likely to experience moisture loss.


Use high-quality hydrating products and cover up and wear a hat when outside for long periods of time!

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