Ever wondered what a friend or colleague means when they talk to you about CrossFit? Does it sound like something you may know but are a little hazy on the knowledge? Well, here’s what you should know.

Its foundations lie within the sporting world; mostly it’s a program for those who want a healthier life and advises them on how to improve overall health and fitness.  CrossFit is aimed to push you through great strong exercises, and it’s a conventional method to use for overall wellbeing.

Due to its success, there is a lot of franchise available you there.  You can buy shoes, clothes, accessories but there’s also the option of purchasing a good quality gym bag.

The gym bags are specially designed to be as adaptable as possible, with ample space when you need to use it and easy foldaway options when you need to put them away. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.


As you may need to use your bag for ultra-marathons or a long-distance hike, it’s essential to have something breathable on your back.  The wrong material can cause you to slow down, lose track of the goal and can be a general nuisance. Make sure you find one that doesn’t affect your performance when you need it the most.


The bags are not of poor quality.  They should last you a very long time, compared to other high street brands or cheaper alternatives.


As mentioned previously they can store nearly everything you need for your gym workout.  When you think of what you’d need to pack, on the assumption you’d be showering afterwards too, you should be confident to know that all your necessary gym items would fit in them.  What you would typically pack is:

– Water Bottle

– Sweat towel and a dry towel

– Change of clothing

– Shoes

– Swimwear

– Arm or knee supports (If you’ve recently had an injury)

By investing in a CrossFit bag, you should feel comforted to know that when you go to the gym and enjoy your workout your belongings and personal items are kept safely stored away. Knowing that they are high quality, it also means you don’t need to spend any extra money any time soon so, it does make sense financially to invest in one.  


First and foremost, there are a variety of duffle bags available to buy.  You can buy the expensive top high street ones, but there are a lot of cheaper alternatives depending on what you’re looking for (style, color and size).

You can also find shoulder bags which fit across one shoulder and land on the opposite hip.  These wouldn’t be as big in size as the duffle bags as they are mostly for people who need to travel around on foot.  The best advice is to visit your local sports shop, try a few of them out and then see which one is ideal for you and your lifestyle.

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