Achieve a high and reasonable appraisal when you sell your gold at West Valley Pawn


Gold is valuable. It can be used a legal tender in the market and provides a hefty amount of cash when sold, and because of its value, Gold is often bought and sold for different prices depending on its value and the pawn shop you sell it to. If you are in the United States, particularly in Arizona, West Valley Pawn & Gold offers the best appraisal for your gold, and also provides different loans which could help you with your financial needs.

West Valley Pawn and Gold

Located at 611 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, Arizona in the United States, West Valley Pawn and Gold is an outstanding pawnshop in the state. Established in 1999, the company has been providing a wide list of outstanding services for their customers, particularly for those who sell their valuables whether it is gold, silver, diamonds, etc.

They also offer a variety of loans ranging from $10 to $100.00 depending on the value of the item you are going to present as collateral. The company offers three different kinds of loans, mainly- Pawn Loans, Gold Loans, and Title Loans. Each varies from the other, and requires specific items in order to avail them.

Services offered

  • Pawn Loans – The Company offers a fast and straightforward process when it comes to their pawn loans. Their services usually offer short-term loans that provide reasonable appraisal depending on the value of your item. They eliminate approval processes and credit checks, making their pawn loans fast and easy. They loan on anything that has value, be it gold, jewelry, video games, tools and even musical instruments. Given this statement, the company does not loan on weapons and firearms.

  • Gold Loans – The Company specializes in Gold, and the company guarantees that they will pay you more for your gold. The idea here is that, gold is easy to value and loan on, making their gold loan processes much faster and easier than other pawnbrokers.
  • Auto Title Loans – This is for an individual who values their cars, the company provides an assurance that cars that are brought as collateral will be treated as luxury, and their storage is specifically designed for cars. The company conducts a meticulous assessment of the car’s value, followed by a detailed report on its worth which will be provided by them. Though the process takes a lot of time, once finished, the company can provide an Auto Title Loan via Phoenix Title loans LLC, which allows the client to keep their car.

They also provide loans for smartphones, watches, and even gift cards.


Providing the fastest, easiest and the best services for over two decades, West Valley Pawn & Gold, guarantees all of their clients and customers the best price when it comes to buying their items, particularly with gold which happens to be their main focus and specialty. They have a 90-day timeline for their Pawn Loans, which is a sufficient time for every customer. Failure to pay after the deadline will attract interest a customer must pay in order to regain their valuables.

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