8 Tips to Remember When Storing Your Clothes in A Wardrobe

The quality of your clothes can be maintained or reduced depending on how well you take care of them. Some good quality clothes do not last when they are subjected to bad storage conditions. Having a wardrobe is just not enough. It takes an understanding of some care measures to uphold to keep your adorable clothing in proper conditions. Below are some tips to have in mind when storing your clothes in your wardrobe.  


Always ensure that you button and zip up your clothes after placing them on the hanger. This goes a long way to maintain the smoothness and shape of the clothes


You do not have to overload your hangers with too many clothes. Put a single cloth on each hanger to avoid ruining clothes you place underneath. This approach is only acceptable when the hanger has several levels. Moreover, stacking up a wardrobe disallows enough space for the clothes to breath.


Ensure that clothes are placed on hangers that match their sizes. Do not place big delicate clothing on small hangers. This could distort their shape. Also, do not stretch knitted clothes by placing them on hangers, instead fold them carefully and arrange them on shelves.


Avoid folding your underwear such as your pants as this could cause marks on the pants. Stretch them out on hangers with clips to keep them straightened and in good shape.


Folding your bras can distort the shape of the cups. A good way to store them is to organize them, a cup on another. This maintains their shape and quality


Store your woolen and knitted clothing on shelves after folding them. Using hanger can cause them to stretch and lose shape. Also, ensure you do not stack up too much on a shelf; keep them on separate shelves.


You will be making a big mistake storing your long dresses on hangers. Most times these clothes stretch to the basal part of the wardrobe and they get rumpled, leaving you with no choice than to iron them always. This can be tiring and time-consuming. A good way to store such clothes is to place them on a bar as this method sustains and keep them smooth.


Purchase hangers with good quality and strength and avoid placing heavy leather jackets and coats on small thin hangers. Places like Displetech is a great place to look when in need of quality and affordable hangers.


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