5 Incredible Cake Styles to Make your D-day Special

With any occasion around the corner, cakes are often important yet neglected aspect at times. Any last minute rush can be resolved, with online cake and flowers delivery in Ludhiana. With same day delivery or one-day delivery. However, planning it always makes your D-Day special. But, it is essential to undertake considerable research to understand the current trends to make your celebrations a memorable affair.

Online Butterscotch Cake

So, here are the five incredible cake styles which you need to be versed, with to make your D-Day more special:

1. Floral

Considered as the popular choice, the vibrant and well-designed range of floral cakes dominates the market. To prepare, these cakes a centerpiece of attraction, sugar flowers are used for decoration purposes traditionally. It is essential to choose an appropriate color and style of your floral cake matching your occasion to make it an attractive deal. Especially goes perfect with the summer theme weddings, the elegant style of these cakes make them a show stopper.

2. Naked

Gained their popularity in recent times, naked cakes are perfect for those who want to get rid of icing and butter-creams. This healthy version of the cake is crafted from fresh fruits, making it an excellent choice for the guest lists with health-freaks. The natural flavors of fresh tropical fruits with some elaborate floral decoration makes these cake an ideal deal to explore.

3. Painted

An exclusive cake with a complete personalized touch is what makes a painted cake stand out of the league. With exceptional artworks, these cakes turn the centerpiece of attraction to take your celebrations to the next level. From stunning floral scenes to other contemporary designs, these hand-painted yummy designed cakes receive accolades for their impeccable style.

4. Metallic

Add sophistication and class to your celebration with a shimmering finish of silver, gold or bronze edible yet incredible cakes. The luster effect of these cakes makes them get-going with any occasion you plan. That can be decorated, with good lacework or ornate flower designs. These tempting cakes are too hard to resist.

5. Novelty

Think out of the box and replace your traditional cakes with the fancy stacks of cupcakes, doughnuts or maybe macrons. Colorful frosting or fondant flowers can be used to decorate these stacks to make them appear fascinating. These cakes reflect your statement and style. This unique creation allows you to inter-mingle the several tastes in just one cake. Truly overwhelming.

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